Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEW: Inflatable Rock Wall Rental

Magic Jump Rentals is thrilled about its recent addition of the Inflatable Rock Wall interactive game. The 25'W x 29'L and 25'H Inflatable Rock Wall is a real eye-catcher and a thrilling inflatable for casual riders and climbing enthusiasts alike. Realize the highest level of excitement with interactive inflatables by making your way to the peak of Tiki Island's Inflatable Rock Wall.

A huge attraction like this one is perfect for larger events such as carnivals, festivals and fundraisers where participants can purchase a ticket to scale the Inflatable Rock Wall. If you have the space for it, the Inflatable Rock Wall will be the talk of the town if you were to have party guests climbing up its sides in your backyard.

The Inflatable Rock Wall is designed with safety in mind. The base is inflated and surrounded by high inflatable walls. The automatic belay system incorporated in this attraction lowers casual climbers safely and smoothly to the bottom while the actual climb holds allow more advanced climbers to enjoy a more realistic climbing experience. 

Magic Jump Rentals always looks to offer the newest, coolest and most exciting rides for its customers to enjoy and have fun with at their events. Two climbers at a time can enjoy this ride at their own pace or even challenge each other to a race to the top of the Inflatable Rock Wall. Either way you enjoy it, this ride is sure to rock your party. An attendant will be present to make sure everyone has fun safely. 

Set the standard for entertainment high with an Inflatable Rock Wall rental for your next event. 

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