Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEWS: ABC World News Report with Magic Jump Rentals on Bounce House Safety

A recent incident in New York left a lot of people running for safety. A fly away bounce house during a soccer match in New York injured 13 people as the inflatable went airborne and flipped over numerous times. ABC World news reporters visited Magic Jump Rentals, bounce house rental company in Los Angeles, CA, to get our view on bounce house safety and what people should know.

Magic Jump Rentals' Gary Torosyan was interviewed by ABC World news reporter to ask him about safety concerns and what can be done to prevent such incidents. Torosyan responded that bounce houses are considered "amusement rides" and there is a level of risk as with anything else, but by following the safety rules which are noted on every Magic Jump Rentals ride, parents and kids can be rest assured that they will be in a safe environment.

Most of these accidents that are reported, much like the similar incident in Arizona, are due to irresponsible operators and no attendants during the event. Torosyan urges that parents be mindful of who they rent from and make sure the inflatable rental company is insured, follows safety standards, and informs customers about all safety rules.

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