Monday, March 16, 2020

We Care about Clean Safe Fun

Magic Jump Rentals has always prioritized clean and safe fun! We take hygiene very seriously and for the past 24 years, we take pride in our company's reputation of delivering the best quality rentals. We clean all of our products daily and after every use. No product is used in more than one event or location on the same day. The product must be vacuumed and cleaned before going out for another rental. All rentals that are stored away for a long period of time must be re-cleaned. Here is a look at our detailed and thorough cleaning process. 

Step1: The inflatable is rolled out and inflated. We inspect the inflatable for any left behind items, prior to cleaning the inflatable. The inflatables is left to air-dry if needed. The entire inflatable is vacuumed thoroughly. Every corner of the inflatable has been inspected and vacuumed.

Step 2: Once the vacuum process is complete, the entire unit is sprayed with a combination of Clorox disinfectant and Simple Green All purpose Cleaner. All inflatable pop ups, slides and pool areas are sprayed as well.

Step 3: The outside and inside of the unit are cleaned, scrubbed and wiped down.

Step 4: Once the unit has been dried, it is rolled up and stored, ready to go out for the next rental.

This process is done every day, after every use of each rental. We have always followed strict procedures when it comes to cleaning our products to ensure you, our customers, get the best, clean quality rentals.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Magic Jump Rentals Partners with @OCfitmommy

Magic Jump Rentals partnered with Megan Block for her daughter's 8th Beach Themed birthday party. The following is a portion of her blog and her experience with Magic Jump Rentals:

Believe it or not, it IS possible to throw a “beach party” in February. Tricky? Yes. Impossible. No.
Emma had her heart dead set on a beach party theme, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her no. So off to Pinterest I went. There were a lot of cute ideas I wanted to implement, so if you’re ever in a jam, seriously Pinterest is a miracle worker! The main highlights for Emma’s party according to Emma had to be:
  • Bounce house complete with slide
  • Cheeseballs and Gushers must be present
  • Pizza, lots and lots of pizza
  • Ice cream cake, and it must be cookies n’ cream
  • Limbo- for prizes
That didn’t seem like too bad of a list, and I am so happy to report that all of her requests were met. When it came to the bounce house, there was no other company I would go to other than Magic Jump Rentals. If you read my previous blog post about Kensey’s Frozen themed party, you know just how awesome they are! I wouldn’t count on any other party rental company for my events.
After preparing for this party for weeks, I felt like I had everything ironed out. Then the weather decided to throw a curveball at me and anticipate rain on the day of the party. With only a few days to spare before party day, I needed to figure out entertainment for a few dozen kids, and FAST. I contacted Magic Jump Rentals to see what my options were. I learned that due to safety reasons, they won’t deliver bounce houses when rain is present. They did however offer me four carnival games in exchange, which was music to my ears, because that will entertain the kids for hours, all while staying on theme. The carnival games reminded me of the fun boardwalks by the beach, so it completely worked! I was so relieved to have worked with a company that was so fast to fix the issue, and not leave me hanging without a plan. It completely turned the party around! I also ordered some “sand in a bottle kits” for each kid to create as a backup plan for the rain. No one was going to be bored on my watch.
The weather was at a 50% chance of rain come the night before the party, so we decided to play it safe and bring on the carnival games. I woke up on party day with a clear idea of how the party was going to go, and then the rain disappeared completely from the weather app! I quickly called Magic Jump Rentals and scheduled the original jumper to be delivered again, but let’s add a few carnival games, because I seriously moved furniture for this concept. I was relieved that the kids would have the bounce house she originally wanted, but now we have some extra fun to make this party complete. Again, Magic Jump Rentals was a BIG reason this party went to smoothly, so I can’t thank them enough...
To read more of her blog you can visit 
The product that was used for this themed birthday party was our Tropical 5in1 Combo.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

4 Timeless New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Roven Images / Unsplash 
It's time to ring in the New Year with your friends and loved ones. Whether it's an intimate celebration or a 50 plus guest list, there are simple ways to make sure you are ready to welcome in the New Year. Here are three things to keep in mind when planning your New Year's Eve Celebration.

Themes can vary, or you might even decide not to have one at all, that's okay! Remember to be mindful of how many guests you are expecting, food, and entertainment. Don't stress over your New Year's Eve party; it's meant to be a time of happiness and hopefulness.

Here are 4 New Year's Eve Party ideas:

Metallic Meets Holographic 

Silver is one thing, but Metallic says New Year's. Grab some holographic balloons and let them float around for an indoor setup. Use some mini disco balls as centerpieces for your tables or cocktail tables. You can also hang some metallic or glitter wall curtains to make a simple backdrop for a photo area. 

Here is a tutorial on how to make a holographic balloon wall. Studio DIY Holographic Balloon wall

Champagne to Ring in the New Year 

It's not exactly gold, it's Champagne! Aside from setting out a couple of bottles of Champagne to set the theme. Paper lanterns are so easy to make and inexpensive to buy. Add some gold, Champagne, or black paper lanterns around your party, and it will add the perfect touch of glamour to your New Year's Eve celebration. 

Classic Black and White 

Keep it classic; a black and white theme can never go wrong. Your guests can help you with this theme. Ask your guests to dress in black or white and help you add to your theme. Set out black and white table cloths, napkins, plates, streamers and balloons. 

Rose Gold 

This color has become very popular over the years, and it makes for a great New Year's Eve Party theme. Make it an elegant Rose Gold theme or keep it simple with balloons and party streamers. Add some Rose Gold glitter to the tops of the tables to give it that extra flare.You can't go wrong with this color.

Magic Jump Rentals 

Need some help with table and chairs, or maybe you were looking to rent a photo booth for your New Year's party, Magic Jump Rentals has you covered. We have tables, chairs, cocktail tables, table cloths, and LED furniture available to rent for your upcoming New Year's celebration. 

Want something more than just your phones to capture the New Year's moments, rent out our photo booths. A perfect addition to your festivities. Book now before it's too late, and if you have questions about our rentals, call us or visit our website

Ring in the New Year with Magic Jump Rentals.