Tuesday, December 17, 2019

4 Timeless New Year's Eve Party Ideas

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It's time to ring in the New Year with your friends and loved ones. Whether it's an intimate celebration or a 50 plus guest list, there are simple ways to make sure you are ready to welcome in the New Year. Here are three things to keep in mind when planning your New Year's Eve Celebration.

Themes can vary, or you might even decide not to have one at all, that's okay! Remember to be mindful of how many guests you are expecting, food, and entertainment. Don't stress over your New Year's Eve party; it's meant to be a time of happiness and hopefulness.

Here are 4 New Year's Eve Party ideas:

Metallic Meets Holographic 

Silver is one thing, but Metallic says New Year's. Grab some holographic balloons and let them float around for an indoor setup. Use some mini disco balls as centerpieces for your tables or cocktail tables. You can also hang some metallic or glitter wall curtains to make a simple backdrop for a photo area. 

Here is a tutorial on how to make a holographic balloon wall. Studio DIY Holographic Balloon wall

Champagne to Ring in the New Year 

It's not exactly gold, it's Champagne! Aside from setting out a couple of bottles of Champagne to set the theme. Paper lanterns are so easy to make and inexpensive to buy. Add some gold, Champagne, or black paper lanterns around your party, and it will add the perfect touch of glamour to your New Year's Eve celebration. 

Classic Black and White 

Keep it classic; a black and white theme can never go wrong. Your guests can help you with this theme. Ask your guests to dress in black or white and help you add to your theme. Set out black and white table cloths, napkins, plates, streamers and balloons. 

Rose Gold 

This color has become very popular over the years, and it makes for a great New Year's Eve Party theme. Make it an elegant Rose Gold theme or keep it simple with balloons and party streamers. Add some Rose Gold glitter to the tops of the tables to give it that extra flare.You can't go wrong with this color.

Magic Jump Rentals 

Need some help with table and chairs, or maybe you were looking to rent a photo booth for your New Year's party, Magic Jump Rentals has you covered. We have tables, chairs, cocktail tables, table cloths, and LED furniture available to rent for your upcoming New Year's celebration. 

Want something more than just your phones to capture the New Year's moments, rent out our photo booths. A perfect addition to your festivities. Book now before it's too late, and if you have questions about our rentals, call us or visit our website MagicJumpRentals.com

Ring in the New Year with Magic Jump Rentals. 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Frequent Question Friday

 Q & A: Discounts and Promotions Available 

We love our customers, and we like to show our appreciation for them. Magic Jump Rentals has different ways customers can earn discounts. Here are a couple of ways that you can receive a discount with us; Keep in mind sales, promotions, and discounts cannot be combined.

Returning Customer 

One of the reasons why we ask that you create an account with us online is so that when you rent from us again, you will appear as a returning customer and receive 10% discount on your entire purchase. Creating a profile online is simple; you can use your email and save a password so that it is easy to log back in. It also makes it easier for you if you wish to rent the same items again; they will appear in your order history. 

If you do it over the phone, that's no problem. One of our customer reps can find your info and still apply your discount to your order over the phone. 


Do you follow Magic Jump Rentals on Facebook? If you like our page, you can receive a $5 discount from your order with us. Like our page, give us a call and let them know your name, email, number, and that you have liked our Facebook page and our customer reps will give you a $5 discount on your order.


Magic Jump rentals has promotions throughout the year. The promotion can apply to anyone, not just returning customers. An example of promotions we may have is during the holiday season, these promotions may change and might not be the same every year. 

Our Thanksgiving Sale was 15% off orders placed for Thanksgiving day, and customers were allowed to keep their rentals for a second day at no extra charge. 

We love taking care of our customers, and these promotions/sales are just a way of showing our thanks. 

Party Packages

On our website, you can find a selection of different party packages that we have put together. Each party package is divided by a party package type; for example Princess Packages and Boy Party Packages. Within the Party Packages Type, are individual packages which you can then look through and see which one best fits your party needs. Depending on the package, you can receive anywhere from 10%- 22% off. You can find more details on the different party package types and packages by going to our website and going to the tab "Party Packages."

Magic Jump Rentals 

We want our customers to have fun and easy-renting experience with us. We want to be your go-to party rental company and ensure you get the best customer service. If you have questions about our discounts, promotions/sales, or any of our rentals, please feel free to call us at (800)873-8989. You can also visit us online and check out our rentals or chat with a customer rep online! 

Friday, November 29, 2019

Frequent Question Friday

Q & A: Which inflatables are good for each age group? 

Magic Jump Rentals has a wide variety of inflatable combos, bounce houses, and obstacle courses, but you might wonder what would be a good choice for a specific age group. The great thing is, we have something that everyone can enjoy and perfect for their age. 

Check out the list below to help you decide which rental will work best for you and your guests. 

Lidya Nada / UnSplash 


We have something for the little ones. Magic Jump Rentals has some toddler-friendly inflatables that they will love. Here are just a couple of options from our toddler units: 

  • Castle Toddler Combo: This Castle Toddler Combo is perfect for your little prince or princess. The combo includes inflatable characters for them to bounce around with and a slide insides. 
  • Fun City Toddler Combo: This toddler combo has plenty of inflatable activities for the kids to play with. The combo includes slide, tunnel and jumping areas. 
  • Mickey Park Toddler Combo: Play with Mickey and friends in this awesome toddler combo. It has a slide, bouncing area, climber, and games for them to play inside. 
  • Mini Bouncer: Our mini bouncer is a classic option for your little ones to jump around and have a fun time. This bouncer is specifically for ages three and under.

Ages 5-8 

Looking for something for the age range between 5-8, we have you covered. Our Lite units and combos are an excellent choice for younger kids but still giving them that big-kid experience. Here are some of the Lite units: 

  • Lite Paw Patrol Combo: Bounce around, play some basketball, or go down the slide, this Paw Patrol combo is excellent for kids! Perfect for up to 5 kids at a time. 
  • Candy Playground Combo: This beautifully colored unit is excellent for kids to jump around in, slide, or climb. There are inflated characters throughout the combo for kids to play with as well. 
  • Lite Toy Story Combo: Is your kid a big fan of Toy Story? Well, we have you covered. This 5 in 1 Toy Story combo is perfect for the kids to jump around, play basketball, climb, or go down the slide. 
  • Most of our Bounce Houses: Our bounce houses are perfect for the age group 5-8, and we have a large selection of themes units for you to choose from. 

Ages 10-14

Want something for your older kids, no problem! Most of our slides wet/dry, obstacle course, and are bigger combos are an excellent choice for the 10-14 age range. These are just a selection of our units, and there are plenty more on our website:
Magic Jump Rentals 45' Fun House 
  • 45' Fun House Obstacle Course: This unit is a recipe for fun! Not only does it include a bounce house and a dual slide, in between the bounce house and slide is an amazing obstacle course with push throughs and a climber. 
  • Multi-Sports Combo: Perfect if your kids love basketball, soccer, volleyball or dodgeball. Not to mention, the whole combo is a great bouncing area. 
  • Wet/Dry slides: We have a great selection of slides that can be used either wet or dry. They come in a variety of heights. The 12' and 14' slides would be perfect for the age range of 10-14.

Ages 15-18+

Don't worry. We have something for teenagers and adults. Magic Jump Rentals has something for everyone. For this age range, the bigger combos work best to accommodate everyone while still having a great time. Here are just a couple of units to give you an idea of what you might want for your part or event: 

  • Extreme Rush Obstacle Course: This 3-piece inflatable is a perfect fit for the older kids and even the adults. Both sides have push throughs, crawl throughs, climbers, and more!
  • Wet/ Dry Slides: Any of our slides will work great for this age group; more specifically, our 17' to 25' slides would be perfect for this age range and adults. 
  • Mechanical Rides: Mechanical rides are a party favorite, and perfect for older teens and adults. 
  • Inflatable Race Track: Great for competitive events, we have a selection of inflatable race tracks. Teens will absolutely love it. 
Magic Jump Rentals has a large selection of rentals; the ones mentioned are just some to give you an idea of what would be suitable for each age range. If you have any questions regarding an inflatable or jumper, do not hesitate to call us (800)873-8989, and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.