Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW: Children's Table and Chair Rentals

The calls kept coming and Magic Jump Rentals has now answered with the addition of children's sized tables and chairs. After adding regular tables and chairs to its inventory, Magic Jump Rentals immediately began servicing numerous events each week, many of which were in need of tables and chairs for the little ones as well.

Well, you can trust Magic Jump Rentals to take heed to its customers' needs as we began offering childrens tables and chairs for rental as soon as possible. Now you can properly set the kids' corner at any event or birthday party.

No more high chairs, no more bumper seats, no more children sitting uncomfortably on your laps or at the coffee tables. Children can now have a place of their own to enjoy their meals, drinks and snacks; or even just a place to sit and enjoy each others' company.

No matter the occasion, you may now turn to Magic Jump Rentals for children's tables and chairs.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Supporting Hands for Hope 11th Annual Walk

Magic Jump Rentals is proud to be a constant supporter of the Hands for Hope annual walk for kids. The 5k walk will be held at North Hollywood Park off the corner of Magnolia and Tujunga. The annual walk is a constant reminder and effort for kid's healthy activities.

Here is a little more information about the walk from the Hands for Hope Website:

The citywide Annual 5K HopeWalk began in 2001 as a means of uniting the city of North Hollywood (No Ho Music & Arts District) and surrounding cities in Los Angeles County with a mission to increase health awareness. Hands for Hope noticed that children and their parents in the area were in need of healthier lifestyles, so they joined together with residents, merchants and other community organizations in the area for a citywide event that has attracted corporations such as Disney, Dole, California Credit Union, Wells Fargo, Adidas, Whole Foods Markets and METRO.

Due to the need and success of the 5K HopeWalk, Hands for Hope intensified its commitment to healthy families by adding the "Kid's Healthy Activity Fair" in 2006 to encourage youth and their parents to participate in fitness/sports activities in a way that is both fun and engaging. During the fair, kids will perform over 10 different fitnes and sports activities as well as healthy food tastings. By adding the Kids Healthy Activity Fair, H4H once again proves its dedication to healthy, sustainable lifestyles for youth and their families.

The day begins at N. Hollywood Park with a 5K walk leaving from the corner of Magnolia and Tujunga Aves. The walk ends back at N. Hollywood Park for the "Kid's Healthy Activities Fair" and "A Taste Of No Ho" from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEWS: ABC World News Report with Magic Jump Rentals on Bounce House Safety

A recent incident in New York left a lot of people running for safety. A fly away bounce house during a soccer match in New York injured 13 people as the inflatable went airborne and flipped over numerous times. ABC World news reporters visited Magic Jump Rentals, bounce house rental company in Los Angeles, CA, to get our view on bounce house safety and what people should know.

Magic Jump Rentals' Gary Torosyan was interviewed by ABC World news reporter to ask him about safety concerns and what can be done to prevent such incidents. Torosyan responded that bounce houses are considered "amusement rides" and there is a level of risk as with anything else, but by following the safety rules which are noted on every Magic Jump Rentals ride, parents and kids can be rest assured that they will be in a safe environment.

Most of these accidents that are reported, much like the similar incident in Arizona, are due to irresponsible operators and no attendants during the event. Torosyan urges that parents be mindful of who they rent from and make sure the inflatable rental company is insured, follows safety standards, and informs customers about all safety rules.

NEW: Inflatable Rock Wall Rental

Magic Jump Rentals is thrilled about its recent addition of the Inflatable Rock Wall interactive game. The 25'W x 29'L and 25'H Inflatable Rock Wall is a real eye-catcher and a thrilling inflatable for casual riders and climbing enthusiasts alike. Realize the highest level of excitement with interactive inflatables by making your way to the peak of Tiki Island's Inflatable Rock Wall.

A huge attraction like this one is perfect for larger events such as carnivals, festivals and fundraisers where participants can purchase a ticket to scale the Inflatable Rock Wall. If you have the space for it, the Inflatable Rock Wall will be the talk of the town if you were to have party guests climbing up its sides in your backyard.

The Inflatable Rock Wall is designed with safety in mind. The base is inflated and surrounded by high inflatable walls. The automatic belay system incorporated in this attraction lowers casual climbers safely and smoothly to the bottom while the actual climb holds allow more advanced climbers to enjoy a more realistic climbing experience. 

Magic Jump Rentals always looks to offer the newest, coolest and most exciting rides for its customers to enjoy and have fun with at their events. Two climbers at a time can enjoy this ride at their own pace or even challenge each other to a race to the top of the Inflatable Rock Wall. Either way you enjoy it, this ride is sure to rock your party. An attendant will be present to make sure everyone has fun safely. 

Set the standard for entertainment high with an Inflatable Rock Wall rental for your next event. 

Friday, June 3, 2011


We would like to thank Debbie Pace of Seal Beach for participating in our monthly photo contest. Debbie won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to our contest.

See what Debbie had to say:
We rented the sumo wrestling suits for a family picnic last weekend to celebrate an early graduation party for our daughter who will be graduating from high school, a farewell to one our sons who will be leaving for Officer Candidate School in VA, and an early Father's Day for the son previously mentioned who will not be here for Father's Day. When my husband asked me, "Why sumo wrestling suits?", I could only say that the idea hit me one day, and I knew I had to try to make it happen. And it did, thanks to your company which I came across online.

From the moment I contacted Magic Jump Rentals, they worked with me to explain the process of renting their equipment, to helping me contact the city for a permit since we were going to be using a public park for this event, and even to checking up with us during the use of their equipment on the day of the party! They were very professional and yet quite personable at the same time. I would highly recommend this site and this company....and as for the sumo suits... we had a blast!!!