Monday, March 9, 2015

Yellow Bubble Ball Rentals

Yellow Bubble Ball
The Yellow Bubble Ball, AKA Zorb Ball, or bobbles, is a single person game that can be used for countless activities; races, competitions, etc. One person enters the interactive bubble ball and uses it like a human hamster to move to ball around. This is an Adult sized Bubble Ball. The Yellow Zorb Ball has reflects material inside and makes the ball shine when light is hitting it, especially in darker settings.

Table Linen Rentals for the Elegant Look

Table Linen Rentals
Want to give your party or event that elegant look? Try out our Table Linens available for rental now for our round wood tables, rectangular tables and cocktail tables. We have a wide range of colors and options available and more coming soon. Table linens rentals can also be picked up from our warehouse.

Deluxe Carnival Game Rentals are Fun for All Ages

Deluxe Carnival Games

Check out our Deluxe Carnival Games that are now available for rental in 2015. We have a variety of Deluxe Carnival Games available for rental ranging from the classic games like Ring Toss, Skee Ball, Plinko and Wacky Mirrors, to some unique ones like Snake Pit, Monster Blast, Roller Bowler and Pinball. These Deluxe Carnival Game rentals come on a table stand and with the fun carnival red and white colors.

Carnival Games are great for all ages and mostly all types of events. Carnival Games can work great for carnivals, fundraisers, school events, corporate events, and backyard parties. These Deluxe Carnival Games come with all parts and accessories needed to play.