Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEW Super Giant Wave Water Slide

The Super Giant Wave Slip and Slide is the biggest, longest, and tallest inflatable water slide available for rental in the area. Kids and adults will have the time of their lives with this giant inflatable waterslide. Get the experience and thrill of a water park ride at the convenience of your own home or location. Riders climb up the 23' tall slide, from the top riders will slide down through a mist of water and down the long slip and slide finally arriving to a pool of water.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NEW Disney Princess Palace Inflatable Combo

What fits better for your little princesses party than her very own Princess Palace inflatable bounce and slide? This beautiful Princess Palace Inflatable Combo features bouncing area, climb and slide, popups, along with beautiful images of your favorite Disney princesses. With images of Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, your little princess will feel right in place in her very own Princess Palace.

NEW 60' Sports Obstacle Course

The ultimate sports themed obstacle course, this 60' long Sports Obstacle Course incorporates all sports elements into one giant obstacle course. As you enter you will be greeted by 4 linebackers as obstacles that you will have to push through, then a pair of baseball gloves will try to catch you in your tracks, crawling through tunnels, then followed by a fleet of baseball bats as popups that you will have to manuver around. Lastly in this long obstacle course comes a 20' tall climb and 2 lane slide. See how much fun you can have competing in this unique sports obstacle course.

Zorb Balls in Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial

Bubble Balls (Zorb Balls) in Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial
Check out our Bubble Balls (AKA Zorb Balls) as they were featured in the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe commercial called the Epic Playdate. The Zorb Balls in the Super Bowl make it very evident how popular these giant inflatable balls that people get inside to ride or roll around in have become. The crew for the commercial decided to choose Magic Jump Rentals as the vendor for the Zorb Ball Rentals because of the many options we have available for rental. We were able to work with the film crew to provide them different sizes and options that would work best for the commercial and the setup. You can see the new Hyundai Santa Fe pulling the Zorb Ball on a trailer to a big grassy area where the kids get inside and use it as a giant bowling ball. This is one of the many ways our Zorb Balls can be used for a "epic playdate".

Bridgit Mendler Riding Mechanical Bull on Good Luck Charlie

Set of Disney's Good Luck Charlie with Bridgit Mendler
Watch Disney's hit show Good Luck Charlie as the main star Bridgit Mendler rides a Mechanical Bull Ride. The production crew of Good Luck Charlie wanted to feature a Mechanical Bull Ride at a bar scene called "Boots and Saddles" and they picked Magic Jump Rentals as the vendor for their Mechanical Bull. With many Mechanical Bull Rental options, we had a color scheme and bull ride that matched their set design. We have had our products featured in many movies, shows, commercials, and music videos, but this recent appearance was an exciting one as we had our very own Gary Torosyan being filmed in the show as the Mechanical Bull operator at the bar. Gary was responsible for operating the Mechanical Bull that Bridgit Mendler was riding for the shoot. We worked very hard to coordinate and make the Bull Ride work with multiple options for the film crew and we can't wait until it is featured in the show this season.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

NEW 6in1 Interactive Sports Fusion

Check out the NEW 6in1 interactive inflatable game that features Volleyball, Dodgeball, Basketball, Soccer, Boxing and Jousting all into one big bouncing area. This 6in1 Sports Fusion is great for big events that are sports themed or encourage competition, also works good for school or corporate events. The 6in1 Sports Fusion is like none other, with a awesome design it really stands out at any event and draws in a crowd of spectators. It has plenty of netting so bystandards can root for their favorite competitor. Rent the 6in1 sports fusion inflatable game for your next event only from Magic Jump Rentals.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

NEW 4 Way Euro Bungee Rental

Rent the 4 way Euro Bungee Ride and experience a thrilling, twisting, flipping, and exciting time like non other. The Euro Bungee is great for kids ages 5 up to 21. This Euro Bungee features 4 bungee riders at a time along with 2 attendants to supervise the riders. Strap into the harness suit and take off into the air. This might be the only time some riders ever feel the thrill of leaping in the air beyond their abilities and doing countless flips while in a safe and supervised environment.

NEW Cannonball Air Blaster Game

Check out the NEW fun, interactive, and exciting Cannonball Air Blaster game that you will not want to stop playing! The Cannonball Air Blaster is a 4 person interactive game where you compete to see who has the best aim and who can make the soft balls into the opponents baskets. Rent this fun game for corporate events, school events, western themed parties, and competitive sports events. Includes 2 sets of Air Blasters with 2 cannons on each one, total of 4 cannons, 2 buckets of soft balls, and 4 goggles.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NEW Bar Rentals

Having a party where alcohol and/or beverages will be served? Rent this beautiful White Bar or Black Bar and bring the bar atmosphere straight to your party or event. The Bar rentals includes a top counter where drinks can be set on, along with a shelf on the back side for the bar server to place drinks and cups on. Great for special events like Weddings, Engagements, and Anniversaries.

Monday, March 4, 2013

NEW Cocktail Tables for Rent

Cocktail tables are a great addition for events where people will be standing or sitting with drinks in their hands. Cocktail tables provide a nice small table where people can rest their drinks and enjoy the event. These 3.5' and 2.5' tall Cocktail Tables are bar height and sit down cocktail tables, so it is meant for people who will be standing or sitting.