Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEW Strike 3 & Putt Master Carnival Games

This new Putt Master Carnival Game is a great feature to include in any corporate, carnival, or sporting event. The 6 foot long carpet rolls out so you can practice your putting game and see how well you can get the ball in the hole. This golf carnival game includes all the essentials needed for a great time. The Putt Master carnival game is great for ages 5 all the way up to adults. It's never too early to practice your putting game, so start today with this Putt Master Carnival Game.

The Strike 3 Carnival Game is a full on baseball toss carnival game that tests your hand and eye coordination to the max! Rent the Strike 3 baseball carnival game for your next carnival, school, fundraiser, or private event to see how well your guests and participants can toss that sack. This game is great for ages 5 all the way up to adults. See who can toss the most sacks into the catchers mitt.

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