Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SAFETY: Wet Bounce Houses with Slippery Surfaces

Safety should always start with the companies in the industry renting out inflatable rides and Magic Jump Rentals takes pride in making SAFETY it's primary concern in conducting business, not money. Unfortunately, some companies would rather profit at the risk of injury to their customers by renting bounce houses or even combos with water. Magic Jump Rentals discourages this at all times!

So before even renting an inflatable ride, be sure to pay attention to the safety precautions your vendor takes. At Magic Jump Rentals, we take initiative in making sure you enjoy our rides safely. Our delivery personnel are educated in properly securing inflatables and know not to set up in high winds. And now with summer in full-swing, we would like to educate our customers on yet another often overlooked injury risk: wet bounce houses and slippery surfaces.

Bounce Houses & Combos
With so many customers asking to rent bouncers with water, we realized that the inherent risk in such play was being neglected. Please be aware that any inflatable game that involves "bouncing" action is NOT recommended to be used with water. This includes regular bounce houses, jumpers, bounce and slide combos or anything with a general bouncing area.

The vinyl used in manufacturing inflatable games gets very slippery when wet. This greatly increases the risk of injury to children playing in the bounce houses. At the least children can roll or sprain an ankle with the possibility of even breaking an ankle, or leg, or worse! So please be mindful of not wetting a bouncing surface or letting children climb into bouncers when wet.

Water Slides & Slip-n-Slides
Worry not, you can still beat the summer heat with some inflatable water slides and slip and slide rentals that provide tons of fun. Our water slides are all designed with safety in mind. With only a rope-assisted climber and slide (and no bouncing area) you can enjoy our water slides safely. As a safety conscious company we make sure to not allow customers to bounce around when wet.

So remember to be mindful of safety concerns when renting inflatable games. Water slides are fine, but bouncers should NOT be used when wet; and if a vendor tries to argue that it would be safe, keep in mind that the only thing that should be slippery is the sliding surface.

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