Thursday, July 28, 2011

NEW: Colorful Table Covers

With all the table rentals that we offer and the countless parties and events we service every week, we figured it was about time to start offering some colorful table covers. These plastic table covers are easy to use and easy to cleanup, and whats better you can use them for one time or you can save them for your future parties if you like. Similar to what you would buy from any party supply store, these table covers are perfect for any type of party or occasion.

8 different colors to choose from!

We offer plastic table covers in a variety of colors. The solid color table covers that we have include the standard white, black, blue, pink, green purple, red, and yellow. So make your tables match your party theme and buy table covers for your next party or event. We will deliver the table covers along with the table rentals you have with us, or if you are looking to simply purchase table covers by themselves, than you can pick them up or we can ship them to you via UPS.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW: Tug-of-War Rental

When it comes time to challenge two teams to a test of strength, there is no better tried and true way to do so than with a classic battle of Tug-of-War. Magic Jump Rentals now offers you the convenience of settling the score between teams with its newest product addition: a special-made 50' Tug-of-War Rope.

Enough of the metaphorical tug-of-war; trying to convince others whose side is the bigger, better, stronger side is not very effective. Instead of trying to swing people's opinions into your favor, just swing the people themselves over with brute strength.

Tug-of-War is a simple game that has stood the test of time. It has been, is and always will be a fun and competitive challenge pitting two teams face-to-face against each other. Although it isn't a contact sport, risk of injury is present, so be sure to play fair.

Align two teams at either end of the rope and set the designated markers (a center line and marker directly beneath it on the ground and two lines on either side of the center line at an equal distance). Make sure the teams consist of an even number of players that do not pass a fair maximum weight limit. Once everyone is on their marks and set it's time to have a go at Tug-of-War.

The rules are simple, grip the rope under the arms and pull until the other teams marker passes the center marker to win. Falling, sitting, touching the ground for an extended period of time and pulling over the shoulder are considered fouls, but you need not be overly strict, after all you're simply having some fun with a classic game of Tug-of-War.

For added excitement you may even create a neutral zone in the center with mud, water, or any other sort of soft pit for players to fall into when they get pulled forward. Just make sure you pay outdoors.

Unlike the rope used, Tug-of-War is a flexible game that can be played in a variety of scenarios. Whether you're in gym class, at Army boot camp, at group fitness training or even just a picnic/party with family and friends, you can always have fun at Tug-of-War. It is also a great team-building activity for corporate events.

For only $25 it is a great addition to any event, from birthday parties to company picnics. Get together and test each other's strength at Tug-of-War, you certainly wont face the same challenege when deciding what game to add to your next party.

SAFETY: Wet Bounce Houses with Slippery Surfaces

Safety should always start with the companies in the industry renting out inflatable rides and Magic Jump Rentals takes pride in making SAFETY it's primary concern in conducting business, not money. Unfortunately, some companies would rather profit at the risk of injury to their customers by renting bounce houses or even combos with water. Magic Jump Rentals discourages this at all times!

So before even renting an inflatable ride, be sure to pay attention to the safety precautions your vendor takes. At Magic Jump Rentals, we take initiative in making sure you enjoy our rides safely. Our delivery personnel are educated in properly securing inflatables and know not to set up in high winds. And now with summer in full-swing, we would like to educate our customers on yet another often overlooked injury risk: wet bounce houses and slippery surfaces.

Bounce Houses & Combos
With so many customers asking to rent bouncers with water, we realized that the inherent risk in such play was being neglected. Please be aware that any inflatable game that involves "bouncing" action is NOT recommended to be used with water. This includes regular bounce houses, jumpers, bounce and slide combos or anything with a general bouncing area.

The vinyl used in manufacturing inflatable games gets very slippery when wet. This greatly increases the risk of injury to children playing in the bounce houses. At the least children can roll or sprain an ankle with the possibility of even breaking an ankle, or leg, or worse! So please be mindful of not wetting a bouncing surface or letting children climb into bouncers when wet.

Water Slides & Slip-n-Slides
Worry not, you can still beat the summer heat with some inflatable water slides and slip and slide rentals that provide tons of fun. Our water slides are all designed with safety in mind. With only a rope-assisted climber and slide (and no bouncing area) you can enjoy our water slides safely. As a safety conscious company we make sure to not allow customers to bounce around when wet.

So remember to be mindful of safety concerns when renting inflatable games. Water slides are fine, but bouncers should NOT be used when wet; and if a vendor tries to argue that it would be safe, keep in mind that the only thing that should be slippery is the sliding surface.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

NEWS: KTLA 5 Beyond Bouncers Premiere

Magic Jump Rentals was featured in KTLA 5 Sunday morning news episode called Beyond Bouncers. Anchor Chris Burrous and reporter Olga Ospina talked with manager Arthur Bagumyan about the safety of inflatable bounce houses and the different varieties offered for party rentals.

Olga Ospina and Arthur Bagumyan mention some inflatable safety concers about operation and use. Arthur encourages parents to make sure they rent from a company that has safety rules, safety warnings near entrances, certifications for operation, and follow industry safety measures. Another concern is lead in the vinyl material. Some ways parents can make sure their kids are safe is to rent from a company that has newer inflatables. As inflatables age and get older, the lead within the vinyl coloring becomes more exposed to the surface making it higher in lead concentration, therefore, go with a company that has newer inflatables which are within the safety standards.

Some inflatables featured during the filming included the Bubble Ball, Sports Shootout, Basketball Inflatable, Inflatable Toddler Combo, Ultimate Boxing Ring, 32' Obstacle Course, Dolphin Jr. Wave water slide, and the Surfing Mechanical Ride.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We would like to thank Diella Capizzi of Encino for participating in our monthly photo contest. Diella won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to our contest.

See what Diella had to say:
Our summer party went well.  Party all day with kids and then we kept the rental over night and my husband here in this photo was having more fun than most the kids!  I hope you enjoy this pic.