Monday, January 31, 2011

NEWS: Mechanical Bull Featured in New Nickelodeon Show

We are proud to have our Mechanical Bull featured in a new Nickelodeon show that will be airing this year called Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventure. The show is about "two best friends on a never-ending quest for awesomeness. The buddy-comedy series will star newcomers Taylor Gray and Dillon Lane as surfer dudes who navigate the trails of everyday teenage life."

There awesomeness starts off with a Mechanical Bull ride that will throw them off there seats. Keep an eye out for this new Nickelodeon show this year and watch how they incorporated our Mechanical Bull rental into their show.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NEWS: Featured in NBC All-Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt

Click to Watch Episode Trailer with Bubble Balls
Magic Jump Rentals will again have our interactive games product featured during the movie event "National Treasure" on NBC Sunday, January 30th 8/7c. The first ever interactive "All-Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt" is a new kind of reality show. Celebrities will be criss-cross Los Angeles, completing to win prizes for their favorite charities. The show will be Starting January 31st thru February 28th.

Watch on NBC Sunday, January 30th at 8/7c

Bubble Balls During Filming
We got a hands-on preview of the reality show during this filming. The competitive spirits were high amongst the celebrities as they tried to roll there way to the finish line in our Bubble Balls. We were proud to have three of our operators present during the filming to make sure everything went smoothly and as expected.

Even with all the chaos and commotion surrounding a shoot at Universal Studios, we were able to keep everything under control and in check for the celebrities to compete.

Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW: Table and Chair Rentals

Tables and Chairs
Table and chair rentals are almost always a necessity at any party or event. Guests need to sit down and rest, and food and concessions need to be placed on tables. Whether you are having a backyard party or a formal event, we have tables and chairs to suite your needs. Our plastic folding tables and chairs are perfect for backyard and smaller events, while our wood tables and chairs are perfect for more formal events.

Our tables and chairs are brand new, sturdy, and very easy to fold and move around during your event. The chairs have a 250 pound weight capacity. The tables can accommodate about 8 - 12 people per table.

We deliver and pickup all tables and chairs to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We can even work out packages with tables chairs and other party rental products. Give us a call today to reserve tables and chairs for your upcoming party or event.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

NEW: Potato Sack Race Rentals

Potato Sacks can be a lot of fun for big events or competitive events. Good for use to have races and competitions during events where there are a lot of people. Potato Sack races are good because they incorporate a lot of people into the activity. Jump into one of these potato sacks and start hopping to the finish line! Even people just watching have a lot of fun as they see the racers trying to hop away and stumble in the process. Everyone has a lot of fun during Potato Sack races because it is good for almost all ages, from older kids, to teens, to adults. Use them during festivals, sporting events, church gatherings, corporate functions, school events, and more!

NEW: Party Parachute Rentals

Party play parachutes are a unique and fun activity for a group of people. Play parachutes provide a good collaborative activity for up to 12 or 20 people. If you are having a large event or a group event and want to encourage activity for everyone to participate in, than rent a play parachute and let everyone in on the fun!

Play parachutes are played by having people hold the ends of the parachute and using the parachute to do different games. One of the most popular parachute games include putting random balls on the parachute and tossing them in the air and trying to catch all of the balls as they come down. Another parachute game includes making waves or unique movements by flapping the parachute up and down. Other games include having bean bags and seeing which color of the parachute you can toss it to as you fling it up in the air. There are plenty of parachute games to play, you just have to be creative and see what you can come up with.

A 12 foot parachute can accommodate a number of preschoolers and adult helpers, up to 12 to be exact. It is great for at home birthday parties and is ideal for home daycare situations.

The 24 foot parachute is ideal for outdoor use or indoor use. A larger sized parachute like this one, must be used in an area where there is a lot of space such as a gym or recreational hall. 

Benefits of Parachute Playing

  • Encourage cooperation and team-work
  • Non-competitive
  • Differing abilities are not an issue
  • Refine perceptual skills
  • Reinforces turn-taking/sharing
  • Develop a sense of rhythm
  • Encourages following directions
  • Encourages social interaction

Thursday, January 6, 2011

CONTEST WINNER: December 2010

We would like to thank Robin Desowitz for participating in our monthly photo contest. Robin won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to our contest.

See what Robin had to say:
check out this GR8 pict from 12/11/10 from the Desowitz Family of North Hills...the party was great and it was great getting such long hours to make up for us being rained out last year....this pict is of my 3 bday kids 12/2, 12/7 and 12/14 enjoying the bounce by themselves after the parties were over just before it was picked up

NEW: Carnival Game Rentals

Carnival games are a fun addition to any event with games and prizes. Carnival games work good for larger events, fundraisers, carnival themed events, school events, and corporate events. Throw in some prizes to make it more fun and competitive, or just let people enjoy the games for the thrills. Carnival games are easy to operate and manage and work great for all ages. Kids, teens and even adults like to see if they can win the carnival game. Rent a carnival game for your next event and see how much fun it can be for your guests.

For smaller backyard parties and events, carnival games can provide a extra source of fun and excitement. Rent a carnival game for your private party and let your kids and guests try their skills to see if they can win the game. Make it more competitive by providing small prizes for winners.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bubble Ball Featured In Ellen Degeneres

The Ellen Degeneres Show
Magic Jump Rentals is proud to have it's Bubble Ball, aka Zorb Ball, featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen will be using the Bubble Ball to incorporate fun and excitement to the show. The show will be aired today on KNBC, channel 4, at 4pm PST.

Check out the show today to find out exactly what Ellen has cooked up for her guests and the Bubble Ball. It should be an exciting show to watch someone roll around in this giant inflatable ball.

Make sure to check back, images from the show will be posted here later today!

About Todays Show: (retrieved from Ellen's Website)
Even though Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways ended in December, she's not done with the surprises! She has a huge one in store today that will blow someone away!

Ellen is always searching for the most talented kids, and she found one in 9-year-old break dancer LIL' DEMON. She brought him here from Hawaii to perform for everyone today!

Jimmy Kimmel
Ellen knows Jimmy Kimmel always has her back! When her staff tried to scare her, he rose to her defense and tackled her head writer! They won't be trying anything today when the hilarious guy stops by for a visit.

Rugby player GARETH THOMAS broke new ground when he became the first openly gay professional male athlete... in the world! He's here today to share his experience with Ellen.