Friday, July 23, 2010

ITEX Trade Exchange

Magic Jump Rentals is proud to be apart of the ITEX trade exchange. We are now offering several of our bounce houses for trade on the network. The ITEX trade exchange is a platform where businesses can exchange products and services for non-cash transactions.

Included in the trade program are the following bounce houses: Giraffe, Clown, Train, Robo Ranger, Indoor Jumper, Unicorn, Spaceship, Lion, Horse, Hot Air Balloon, Dinosaur, Dalmatian.

We are also including our Sky Dancers for trade to help businesses promote themselves and gain business.

The trade will cover the amount of the rental cost which is $50.00, however the delivery cost, $25.00, will still remain due C.O.D. All other rentals, delivery fees, and rental options will be paid by C.O.D. only.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Television Appearance by Magic Jump Rentals

Magic Jump Rentals has once again been summoned by show business for its services. Dog Park Superstars is a fun and exciting new game show to be featured on GSN (Game Show Network). Hosted by actress Laura Nativo, the show will test the relationship between pet dogs and their trainers as well as each dog's basic obedience skills. The producers of the show are currently casting Los Angeles based dogs and owners to compete for cash and prizes on Dog Park Superstars.

Magic Jump Rentals is happy to be a part of this new, fun and exciting game show featuring talented dogs of L.A. Our very own Dunk Tank 350 will be used in the game show for one of the many fun challenges contestants will have to complete. Look for participants' canine best friends to aim at dunking them into 350 gallons of water! Magic Jump Rentals is proud to enjoy the appreciation of fine networks such as GSN for its services. We look forward to a successful debut of Dog Park Superstars and hope the Dunk Tank 350 helps the show premier with a splash!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sports Shootout Challenge

Among the sports inflatables that we offer, the Sports Shootout has become a favorite for Magic Jump Rentals customers. It is a popular addition to outdoor events, including: private parties, charity events, carnivals, fairs, sports events and many more. As a sports inflatable, you really cannot get more athletic than the Sports Shootout. It is an attractively designed inflatable that features three different sports challenges, so whether you are a sharpshooter, a quarterback or spot-on kicker, this inflatable is sure to entertain. It is even enjoyable for the average person who may not be athletically gifted, as these popular sports challenges are fun to test your skills with. Who knows? You might even surprise yourself with your abilities. So give it a go, rent out a Sports Shootout and find out for yourself why everyone else has made this our most popular sports inflatable. It is great for large and small crowds of all ages and stands out at public events as much as it does at private house parties. Shoot it out with your friends and family and see who has the best skills in the Sports Shootout.

Party Games for Party Fun

Have you ever been at a party with nothing to do, but stand around and chat, watch others chat, or worse yet wonder why no one is interacting? We have all been there and hope to never be again. Magic Jump Rentals is here to assure you that it will deliver party entertainment like no other that is sure to spark interaction even among complete strangers. With our diverse selection of interactive games, you are sure to find something to entertain your guests with. These interactive games are great for entertaining large crowds and are sure to have everyone engaged in fun and friendly challenges.

If you are looking to entertain a large crowd, consider featuring a Magic Jump Rentals interactive game to help facilitate party interaction and enjoyment. Get your party involved with new and exciting entertainment that is out of the ordinary. People will surely be fully engaged and will be talking about your party long after it is over. Be known as the one who hosts fun parties with games that everyone enjoys. Call us today and find out which interactive game will get your party started best.

Active Advertising

Active Advertising

Advertising is not just about attracting attention, it is more about getting potential consumers engaged with your product, service or message. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, but at Magic Jump Rentals we feel the best way to implement active advertising is by featuring inflatable obstacle courses. It is a great source of fun and an easy way to attract and engage the attention and interest of anyone.

As a corporation, holding company outings or even sponsoring a community event is a great way to earn positive attention. At either of these events, inflatable obstacle courses may serve many purposes. Among employees, it helps advertise teamwork and a competitive spirit while for community events it associates a company’s name with the desire to give back to its customers.

With inflatable obstacle courses, you can hold friendly competition toward company sponsored prizes, challenge employees and customers alike to showcase their ability to compete and maintain a team-oriented mindset or simply allow everyone to enjoy some fun outdoors thanks to your generous hosting of an event featuring Magic Jump Rentals’ top-quality inflatable obstacle courses.

No matter how you choose to use our products, they are sure to draw attention, so advertising is almost automatic when you rent a Magic Jump Rentals product. But when you aim at engaging people’s attention, you will achieve a higher level of advertising success; and there is no easier and more enjoyable way to do so than with inflatable obstacle course games. Enjoy our products and the successive gain in popularity. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sky Dancers

Whether you need to advertise a business or organization, promote a school or charity event, or if you simply want to attract people to your party or event, consider enlisting the assistance of Magic Jump Rentals’ advertising inflatables. Our Sky Dancers reach up to 20 feet in height and are a fun attraction to help gain the attention of passers by. By standing tall and dancing around in the air, these Sky Dancers are able to reach out to people far and wide and are sure to steal their attention away. They are the perfect markers to help people locate where you are. Display them at the entrance of your location so people know where to go to find you; and if you want to stand out even more, have a number of these Sky Dancers waving people down for you, or even have them higher up on rooftops so they can be seen from even further. No matter how you display these Sky Dancers, our advertising inflatables are sure to inflate the volume of attendants attracted to you. Be sure to give us a call about renting out an advertising inflatable for your cause!

Choosing the Right Concession Machine

As mentioned above, Magic Jump Rentals has a number of concession machines that you may use at any event. Additionally, we would like to help you figure out which concession machine would be best for your event. With four concessions to choose from, you have a number of individual and combination options; and since we have delivered so many of these options to so many customers, you can trust our knowledge on what works best.

A primary consideration for ordering a concession machine should be your guests. Different people have different tastes, especially between the younger and older crowds.

If you are considering including a concession machine at a children’s party, keep in mind that children love sweets. With this in mind, it will be a great idea to feature a cotton candy machine. For the warmer months of the year, a snow cone machine is a great substitute for sweet treats. Combining either of these with a popcorn machine is also a popular choice. These two should be enough to satisfy their sweet tooth and provide enough substance with the popcorn to keep them energized for hours of fun.

With older crowds, including teenagers and up, sweets may still be enjoyed, but not as the main concession. Older crowds may need more food to satisfy their hunger, so a hot dog machine may be more appropriate for older crowds. With the capacity to cook up to 13 rows of three hot dogs each, it is a convenient way to feed a large crowd. Serving popcorn alongside hot dogs is also popular as a snack, while either snow cones or cotton candy will satisfy as dessert.

With these four concession machines, there are numerous combinations you can experiment with to see which satisfies your guests’ desires best. We hope that a bit of insight from our perspective will help in deciding which concession machine will best suit your needs. Whichever you choose, you and your guests will surely be satisfied!

Bounce Houses for Boys

When hosting a children’s birthday party, there are a lot of things to consider that may influence the type of entertainment or amusements to include. The most important factor would be whether the party is for a boy or girl. This article will outline the details of a boy’s party and offer suggestions for inflatable amusements that may be used.

For younger boys, girls are not much of an interest yet, so expect a party full of rowdy boys with lots of energy to burn. There will be a lot of physical activity and possible mischief at a boy’s birthday party. All his friends will be around to enjoy some fun, whether it’s video games or outdoor activities. A great way to keep all their energy under control and ensure hours of safe fun is to include a Magic Jump Rentals bounce house in your party preparations. Bounce houses are a great addition to any party. At a boy’s party, it will help encourage hours of physical activity without worry of anyone’s safety. With a bounce house, all the boys can have fun together so no one feels left out of the activities, since even at a young age boys understand the meaning of social brotherhood.

With the endless hours of activity that boys can enjoy in a bounce house, there is no doubt that featuring one at a party will add tremendous entertainment value. The only question that remains is which bounce house to rent from Magic Jump Rentals. There are a number of products that you can choose from, namely the Sports Arena, Robo Ranger, Race Car and Pirate are popular bounce house selections for boys’ parties. The Spaceship, Train, a number of animal inflatables, including a Lion and even the traditional Castle bounce house are all great selections for boys’ parties. Feel free to browse through other product options, but be sure to include a bounce house at your son’s next party, he and his buddies will love you for it!

Bounce Houses for Girls

When hosting a children’s birthday party, there are a lot of things to consider that may influence the type of entertainment or amusements to include. The most important factor would be whether the party is for a boy or girl. This article will outline the details of a girl’s party and offer suggestions for inflatable amusements that may be used.

Most little girls will tell you that she is a princess and so her birthday party needs to be fitting for one. With little girls, it is usually important that they are the center of attention and that everyone knows they have come to her birthday party. Unlike little boys who only have their buddies over, girls seem to welcome the boys and girls alike. Usually, some fun interactive games prove great entertainment for girls. Role playing is also a lot of fun at a girl’s birthday party. A great way to entertain the little princesses is to include a bounce house for entertainment at the party. Every princess can enjoy the attention that comes with having a bounce house at her party and can even enjoy role play with the many themed bounce houses that Magic Jump Rentals offers.

Every little princess can feel at home in the Princess Castle bounce house from Magic Jump Rentals. She can even enjoy the Under the Sea bounce house while role-playing as a sea princess, or even ride the Unicorn bounce house as she reenacts her fantasies. Magic Jump Rentals even has a Doll House, Pink Cake and a variety of animal themed bounce houses to entertain all the girls with. No matter which attraction you select, the entertainment value at a party with a bounce house is unmatched. Bounce houses provide a safe environment for children to enjoy hours of physical activity and friendly interaction. Be sure to treat your little princess to a bouncy castle of her own for her next party, she will love you for making her birthday for her and her friends so much fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We would like to thank Bradley Peterson for participating in our monthly photo contest. Bradley won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to our contest.

See what Bradley had to say:
"Thanks for making our party a huge success. All of the kids, and even one Grandfather, loved the water slide, and there was a steady stream of happy sliders for the whole day"


We would like to thank Karmen Ismailyan for participating in our monthly photo contest. Karmen won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to our contest.

See what Karmen had to say:
"thank you for the time you put into helping me figure out which jumper to get. The jumper you picked worked perfect in the driveway and the kids had a blast. So did the parents after the kids were gone :) Will definitely order from you guys again. Your staff was super sweet and professional. Thanks again for making the party a blast."


We would like to thank Sam and Natalie Lembeck for participating in our monthly photo contest. Sam and Natalie won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to our contest.


We would like to thank Susan Sayer for participating in our monthly photo contest. Susan won a free bounce house rental for entering the picture on the top to the contest.

See what Susan had to say:
"Our March 7th party went well thanks to the fun bouncer/slide combo. As you can see, the little 5-6 year olds loved it a lot. The pick up and set up crew were fast and courteous. Thank you."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SAFETY: Commitment to Inflatable Safety

Magic Jump Rentals is committed to safety in inflatables operation and use. How are we safe? All of our products have the latest inflatable safety features in design; safety steps, safety netting, safety rules plaque, anchoring points, safety walls, and more. We take time to train our employees and drivers on safety precautions and measures. We also make sure our customers and any people using our products are aware of all safety concerns and rules that must be followed. 

We have also taken the time to get certification for inflatable safety to demonstrate our commitment and concern for safe inflatable use and operation. S.I.O.T.O., Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization, is an organization that provides inflatable safety certification, rules, and guidelines for operators and users to be aware of and follow. Magic Jump Rentals is a certified member of S.I.O.T.O. and plans to attain certification on a consistent basis.

During the decade and a half that Magic Jump Rentals has been doing business, we have not experienced any major injuries or accidents, mainly because of our dedication to safety. While other companies are claiming safe operation, we take it a step further. We provide all of our clients with copies of inflatable safety rules, along with operating instructions for all attendants and people supervising the inflatables. We also have a safety labels on all of our inflatables and games that provides any and all inflatable safety rules for that particular product. Inflatable safety is our top priority, because no one should be getting hurt during a time of fun.

NEW: Mechanical Surfboard Simulator

Surf's up dude! The Surf Simulator is a exciting and challenging interactive game that will leave you wanting to try it again and again. There's no fear of wiping out when you're on the Mechanical Surfboard because a twenty foot inflatable cushion softens your fall. So go ahead, turn up the speed and see how long you can last on the Surfboard Ride. The Surfboard Simulator is perfect for ages 10 and up. With multiple levels and speeds to choose from, the Surfboard Simulator can go slow for smaller children and faster for adults. The Surfboard Simulator would be perfect for water themed parties, Hawaiian parties, or larger events like school carnivals, corporate events, and more.