Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jumper Rentals

As one of the leading jumper rentals and inflatable rental company servicing the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we are committed to providing the best service at the most competitive prices. Magic Jump Rentals' inflatable jumper rentals are one of a kind. These inflatables are beautifully designed to meet or exceed your expectations and to leave your children and guests with an amazing time. All of our jumpers are thoroughly cleaned and inspected after every use. We take great pride in the safety of our inflatables and the safety of our policies help provide a fun and safe environment for children to enjoy. These inflatables provide a great opportunity for children as well as adults to exercise, jump, hop, bounce, and have a great time with one another during their party or event. 

Advertising Inflatables

Want to promote your business, party, event, carnival, school function, or organizations? These advertising inflatables are sure to grab anyone’s attention. Our sky dancers will fly high in the air and have everyone and anyone passing by all stare at what you’re promoting. With different styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find one that will match what you are promoting. We also a carry rooftop advertising inflatable to help promote your business for that special occasion, discount, or sales you are trying to push. Rooftop inflatables grab everyone’s attention and act as a temporary billboard for your function. Use one of these advertising inflatables to help promote your function today.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Concession Machine Rental

Snacks are treats are a must at any party or event. Our concession machine include popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, and hot dog machines. These concession machines are industrial enough to be used at large events like carnivals, yet easy enough to be used at private house parties as well. Every child, teenager or adult enjoys snacks and treats and needs them to get energized and have fun. Our concession machines are so easy to use even kids can use them! These tabletop and cart machines are perfect for setting up either indoors or outdoors. Their compacted size allows us to setup at any location, be it outdoors at a field, or inside an office building. Enjoy these tasty and yummy treats at your next party or event today by reserving your own concession machine.

Water Slide Rental

Need something for those hot and humid days? These water slides and games are perfect to get you and your guests cooled off. Waterslide and slip and slides provide a ton of fun and excitement. Speeding down a wet and slippery slide on a hot day can be one of the best experiences you and your guests can have. Want a pool for your kids or something for them to cool down in? These inflatable water slides are designed specifically for that in mind, to bring a pool or water ride to your home. It’s like having a water park at your own backyard. These water slides and slip and slides are perfect for all ages, from children to adults, everyone needs to escape the heat. We have different sizes and styles of water slides and games to choose from, ensuring you will find one to fit your location and to match your theme. Interested in a water game? Our dunk tanks, or dunking machines, are great for private parties as well as large events like carnivals. You can even use these dunk tanks for corporate events or school events by soaking your boss or teacher with water. Having a summer themed pool party, barbeque, or luau party, then these water slides and games are a perfect match for your event, reserve one today.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are inflatable obstacle mazes that provide push through, crawl through, jump through, climbers, and slides all rolled up into one inflatable. These inflatable obstacle courses are great for competitive and sporting events as well as big events like carnivals, school events, business events and block parties. We have different sizes of obstacle courses to choose from, from 27 feet long to 60 feet long. You are sure to find a size that will fit your location.  Children as well as adults can use obstacle courses; therefore, at big events obstacle courses can provide fun and excitement for a large portion of your guests. These obstacle courses are great for bringing out the competitive spirit of anyone using them. Use these to motivate your athletes or inspire your business workers to be better than one another, or use them to promote your games and activities. Reserve one of these obstacle courses today and see how much fun your child, teenager, or adult guest can have while they run to the finish line.

Sports Inflatables

We have one of the best varieties of interactive inflatable games that will complete any party or event. Are you thinking your party is missing something or can use some sort of attraction? These interactive inflatables are great for providing a unique yet fun way to keep your guests happy. I’m sure most of your party guests have not used or felt the excitement of all of the interactive games we have to offer. There is always something that is new and exciting people want to try. Do you have a sports or competitive event? These interactive inflatables are designed to get your guests to compete and interact with one another, but in a fun, safe and unique way that will leave a great impression for your party or event. Activities include pulling, pushing, sticking, rolling, shooting, and hanging on to your seat before you hit the inflatable. Reserve one of these fun and exciting interactive inflatable games for your next party or event and your guests will thank you for it.

Inflatable Slide

Do you love to slide down rides or objects? Ever felt the thrill and excitement of a slide as the wind hits your face on the way down? Inflatable slides provide a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of sliding at your own home. Inflatable slides have been popular at parties and events because of the thrill of shooting down a slide that’s taller than most homes. If your kids love amusement park rides and slides but you simply can’t find the time to take them, than these inflatable slides would be a perfect way to bring the fun and excitement of a amusement park ride to your own home. These inflatable slides are great for people of all ages, from young children to adults, to have fun, enjoy the thrill of slides, and feel like a kid again.

Jump and Slide

These kid combos, also known as jump and slide, 3in1, 4in1, or 5in1 inflatable combo, provide the fun and excitement of a regular bounce house, but add more thrills by adding a climber, slide, basketball hoop, or obstacle course all rolled up into one inflatable. Want the excitement of an amusement park ride at your next party? If so, then reserve one of these jump and slide combos, they are sure to be the main attraction at any party or event. These inflatable combos come in different sizes and designs that can be matched with any party theme. We have bigger and taller inflatable combos for older teens and adults that will surely leave them breathless as they rush down the slide. Then we have the smaller and less steep kid combos specifically designed for the younger children. These smaller combos are sure to make any child thrilled and happy for the opportunity to enjoy the fun of an amusement park ride at home and with the supervision of their family members. Reserve one of these jump and slide combos today to experience the fun of an amusement park ride at your own home!

Bounce House Rental

Bounce houses, also known as jumpers or bouncers, are inflatable toy structures used by people to jump, bounce, hop, skip, or simply play around in. These bounce houses make a great party activity for people of all ages. Children love the unique designs and colors as well as the excitement of being able to jump extraordinarily high. These bounce houses have been seen in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas at events and occasions ranging from birthday parties, private parties, school events, business events, carnivals, block parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, weddings, holiday parties and more. Bounce houses come in different shapes and sizes. The most familiar ones are the square bouncy castles that are thirteen feet long by thirteen feet wide. Other familiar sizes are fifteen feet long by fifteen feet wide, and the smaller ten feet long by ten feet wide bouncers. Bounce houses do not merely make your child happy, but they provide a healthy and exercise driven way for your child to have fun. Put a smile on your kids face during their next party, or surprise them when they come home, by having one of these beautiful and fun bounce houses delivered to you residence today!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Discount Special

We would like to wish you a happy holiday season from our family to yours. During the month of December we will have a special discount for all rentals during the month. Every customer renting products from us will be given an extra 10% discount or minimum of $10 off, whichever is greater.

Holiday Fun With Family
Obstacle ComboThis holiday season bring the fun and joy of a jumper to your home for the kids to enjoy. For December we are having a 10% off or $10 off, whichever is greater, for any order during the month.

Coupon Code: 12DEC09

Type in coupon code when reserving online, or provide it during time of reservation over the phone. Minimum order of $75.00 required for discount to apply. Discount expires December 31, 2009. Discount applies only to deliveries during the month of December.

New Products
Check out these new products that have been added to our inventory lately.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special Thanksgiving Day Discount

Magic Jump Rentals would like to give thanks to its loyal customers and party members. For reservations on Thanksgiving day we will be having 10% discounts for all repeat customers and newsletter members and 15% discounts to non-profit organizations, schools and churches. Sign up to our newsletter today to qualify for the discount.

Thanksgiving Day 10% Discount

Doll House Mini SlideWe would like to give thanks to our loyal customers and newsletter members who use our services and keep in touch with us. During this special day with family and friends, we would like to be apart of your party.

Discount Code: THANKS1026
*Minimum $75.00 order, discount expires November 26, 2009. Discount applies only to reservations for November 26, 2009.
Simply use the above code when you reserve online.

Non-Profits, Schools and Churches
Extreme Rush Obstacle Course

As a special thanks to the efforts of non-profit organizations, churches, and schools, we will be giving them a 15% discounts on all rentals.

Please call (800) 873-8989 for non-profit, school and church reservations.

Know of any non-profit organizations, schools or churches that will be having a event? Email this page  to them, or share it on your social networking site to help out with their event planning.

Visit our jumper rental website and make your reservation today. Your family, friends and guests will thank you for the fun and exciting time they will have. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dunk Tank 500

Dunk Tank 500

The 500 gallon Dunk Tank, AKA Dunking Booth or Dunking Machine, is a real thrill. This is a full size new generation Dunk Tank that is real safe and sturdy for those big events as well as small house parties. Dunk your boss, teacher or the super intendant at your next carnival or event. The Dunk Tank rental is good for an 8 hour period to any city in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull
See if your guests can stay on this wild beast. Mechanical bulls are great to entertain guests at a large party, bar, tavern, sporting event, etc. Mechanical Bulls are easy to operate, you can change settings from easy to hard with only a switch. This Mechanical Bull can provide hours of fun for you and your guests combined. The soft inflatable bottom provides a secure and soft landing for those that can't hang on for the ride. The Mechanical Bull rental is good for 8 hours and comes with an attendant, delivery, setup and pickup for the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Shark Attack Slide

Shark Attack
This Shark Attack Slide is an extraordinarily unique slide. Participants go up a climber and slide right through the sharks mouth. Want to give your kids something to be thrilled about? Everyones scared to be eaten up by a shark, but with this Shark Attack slide you can slide right through the big white sharks mouth and still end up alive. View more information regarding the slide or reserve it for your next Los Angeles party today!

32' Obstacle Course

32' Obstacle Course
This all in one two-person obstacle course is perfect for smaller events or backyard parties. Its compacted size contains all the features of a regular obstacle course in a 32' long inflatable. Contestants jump through the holes, push through pop ups and obstacles, go up the climber and finally down the slide. Features crawl through, push through, race, as well as a climber and slide. View the 32' Obstacle Course or rent it today from Magic Jump Rentals website. The obstacle course is 11 feet wide 32 feet long and 11 feet high. This 32' long Obstacle Course is $200.00 for an 8 hour rental in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jump and Slide Combos

Looking for something thats more exciting and more fun than a regular bounce house? Try one of the jump and slide combos at your next party or event. These 3 in 1, 4 in 1, or 5 in 1 as they have been referred to as because of their multiple activities in one, are a great source for excitement at any party or event. These inflatable combos have the feature of a jumper, climber and slide all rolled up into one. They might also have a basketball hoop, obstacle course or a water feature to it as well. Jump and slide combos are loved by children of all ages because it provides different activities to do. Those that like jumping can jump to their satisfaction and those that like sliding can race down the slide. Jump and slide combos usually come in different sizes and designs, so be aware of the dimensions of your setup location so you can choose the inflatable combo that will be the most suitable. Magic Jump Rentals has over 13 different types of jumper combos that will make a great impression on any party and the guests there. Reserve one for your next party or event today!

Party Bounce Houses

Bounce houses have been a tremendous hit at parties, carnivals, school parties, business events, church parties, backyard parties, birthday parties and so many more events for the past two decades. It seems more and more people want these inflatable bouncing castles at their event to keep their children happy and satisfied. Bouncers are good to have at party events for a number of reasons. First and foremost, bouncers provide a source of fun and excitement for children of all ages, even adults! Bouncers keep children and guests occupied with something that will keep them jumping and hopping until they don't have anymore energy to spare. In essence jumpers keep children occupied having fun, giving parents and adults time to socialize with one another without having to worry about the kids. Bounce houses are also great for providing a good source of exercise and fitness for those worried about their children's health.

There are many different types of bounce houses to choose from that anyone can find a theme or design that is relevant to their parties theme. Magic Jump Rentals features bounce house rentals in 25 different designs and sizes. With vibrant and colorful designs, Magic Jump Rentals' bounce houses will meet any parties demands, from bouncers for little children to bouncers for adults.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Interactive Inflatables

Tired of regular bounce houses or inflatables? Try out some of our interactive inflatables, starting from the Bubble Ball, Bungee Run, Joust Arena, Mechanical Bull, Pirate Ship, Sports Shootout, Sumo Suits and our Velcro Wall. These interactive games provide a new and interesting type of activity that children and adults will love. Try rolling around in our Bubble Balls, tug as hard as you can in our Bungee Run, compete in our Joust Arena, ride till you drop in our Mechanical Bull, fell the wind in our Pirate Ship, shoot your heart out in our Sports Shootout, wrestle in our Sumo Suits and attach yourself in a hilarious position on our Velcro Wall. Try them out today, you won't regret it! View all of our inflatable games today and reserve online.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Check out our line of inflatable obstacle courses, from 32 feet long all the way up to 60 feet long designs. We have six different types of obstacle courses to choose from. Obstacle courses are great for competitive events and festivals which will have sporty young boys and girls who love to race, jump and hop over obstacles in hopes of being the first one down the slide. To view or rent our inflatable obstacle courses go to our website at MagicJumpRentals.com.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Water Slides

Check out some of our great inflatable water slides. These are excellent for summer parties or events. They provide a good attraction to cool down, have fun and enjoy a water ride without having to go to a water park and wait in a long line. They are simple to use and we do the delivery and setup, all you will need to do is provide the water source with a water hose to attach to our misting system. Users climb up and slide down into the pool while a misting system sprays water on them. Everyone who has used our water slides has never regretted it, and neither will you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Magic Jump Rentals Video

About Magic Jump Rentals

We are an inflatable party rental company located in Burbank, CA servicing the entire Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We have been in business since 1996, after we branched off from our manufacturing company. We have one of the largest varieties of inflatable rentals and games to choose from, including bounce houses, slides, bounce and slide combos, obstacle courses, interactive games, water slides, slip-n-slides, dunk tanks, sumo suits, bubble or Zorb balls, sky dancers, concession machines and more. We delivery, setup and pickup all of our products so you don't have to worry about anything besides having fun.

We service every event and occasion, and throughout the years we have been the company to rely upon for major event occasions. We have had our inflatables featured in movies, television shows, major sporting facilities like the Rose Bowl, Los Angeles Sports Arena, etc. We have also had our inflatables featured in major colleges and universities around the Los Angeles area, including UCLA, USC, CSUN, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULA, LMU, and much more. Check out our moonwalk rental website to see all of our inflatable products.