Tuesday, October 15, 2019

5 Helpful Safety Tips for This Trick or Treating Season

It’s the time of the season again, Halloween is here, and that means trick or treating. Magic Jump Rentals loves to deliver the fun, but we also want your little ones to have a safe trick or treating season. Here are some helpful tips for parents to keep in mind this Halloween season when going out and taking your kids to get their treats.

(Photo Credit Unsplash/ Haley Phelps)

Take a Flashlight

As a precaution, it’s good to carry a flashlight with you while going out and trick or treating. Some streets and homes may not be as well lit as others, and it’s important to look out for any obstructions or tripping hazards. Get some fun and colorful glow sticks for the kids that they will love and keep them safe.

Plan your Route

To avoid a long night, plan a safe and thought out route of all the locations you think will be good for trick or treating. Stick to the homes you know will be handing out treats to avoid any sad trick or treaters. Not sure which house are handing out candy this year?

There are helpful apps like NextDoor, that help parents map out their trick or treat route in the surrounding neighborhood. The app shows which neighbors will be handing out treats or hosting a haunted house.

Face Paint vs. Masks

It might get a bit harder to see at night, and face masks might cause a problem if they don’t fit right. Think about trying face paint versus a mask. This might help prevent any tripping or vision impairments at night.

Pick the Right Bucket

There are so many trick or treating buckets, pumpkins, and bags for your little ones to use, it’s important to find the right one for them. Keep in mind the amount of walking and weight they might be carrying in those bags. Choose a more durable bucket or bag that can withstand more weight, and you don’t have to worry about their bags ripping or bucket handles coming off.

Trick or Treating with a Group

Trick or treating with other parents and their kids is a great idea. Going as a group can not only be safer but fun for your kids to experience trick or treating with other kids. Always stick to the sidewalks, and help clear the way for the little ones to have a safe path.

Check the Treats

This tip is nothing new. Make sure to check your children’s candy and treats before they eat them. Throw out any unwrapped or suspicious candy or snacks in your children’s bags and buckets. Don’t trust any repackaged sweets or snacks.

We Deliver Fun!

Are you throwing a spooktacular Halloween party? Let Magic Jump Rentals help deliver some Halloween fun to you! We have great carnival games that kids will love. Rent out our interactive games to make one memorable Halloween party. Don't know what snacks to get? We have great concession machines like Cotton Candy and Snow Cone Machines.

Magic Jump Rentals wants you to have a great and fun Halloween party, capture it with our photo booths. Show off those awesome costumes! Visit us online or call us at (800)873-8989.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Excerpt from The FAB Mom Blog


The following is an excerpt from a blog post on kids birthday party ideas (BIRTHDAY BASHES & BEING AGE APPROPRIATE
from top lifestyle & mom blogger Jill Simonian: TheFABMom®. CBS Los Angeles Parenting Lifestyle Contributor (Wed & Fri); also on TODAYShow, HLN, Mom.me & more. Author, TheFABMom's Guide!

TheFABMom's #1 top kids birthday party rule was:  
"Party activities are age-appropriate… which is why we booked that bouncer this year! Because kids like to JUMP. I’d never booked a bounce-house before… might as well try one out before she completely passes the age-bracket to enjoy it, right? Magic Jump Rentals (pegged as the #1 party rental service in SoCal) made it super easy. I went to their site, clicked and scrolled all the crazy fun wild colorful options involving movie screens, popcorn machines, climbing walls, game night activities, obstacle courses and more. When I spotted a humongous unicorn bouncer/slide combo (in her favorite colors!!), I knew that was IT. (Note: This baby has a special no-slip material and hooks up to any hose if you’re in the mood for water-sliding…) I clicked, booked it, confirmed weeks later via email (days before the party, they send you a reminder). One guy showed up at my house a few hours before the party and popped this beauty up in about 1 minute… five hours later, two more guys showed up to fold it up and haul it out in another minute. Easy. No stress. NO MESS. Quite the showstopper when you walked into our backyard…" 

Check out The Fab Mom Blog 
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

All the best Labor Day 2018 staycation ideas in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (FOX 11) - The Zoe Report’s Senior West Coast Editor Angela Melero to share a few tips on how to spend your last weekend of summer in Los Angeles during the holiday weekend.

Rock Wall

Magic Jump Rentals provides party rentals, inflatables, games, seating, tenting, food machines, and more! Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire. 

This 25 foot rock wall is great for large events like carnivals, festivals, making your neighbors jealous with the most outrageous party on your block. Visit us online  or call us at (800) 873-8989! Don't forget to follow us on all our social medias.