Thursday, November 10, 2011

Helping YMCA Programs Grow

While Magic Jump Rentals is a proud sponsor of many non-profit organizations, we have decided to go a step further by making a donation to the Culver-Palms YMCA Preschool. We believe that a strong sense of community comes within the people, businesses and the supporters. The YMCA has a wonderful program that assists families that cannot afford childcare or preschool with scholarships by business and people’s donations.

The YMCA Preschool program gives children the opportunity to become part of a learning environment filled with social building skills, singing, reading, writing and building strong social characters. The program also allows parents to enroll their children in various different programs such as swimming classes, summer/winter camps or join one of the many sport teams such as basketball, soccer or cheerleading. Supporting programs such as this is very important to us here at Magic Jump Rentals because we believe that no child should be left without the opportunity of a higher education.

Donate to the Cause at YMCA Website

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