Sunday, July 10, 2011

NEWS: KTLA 5 Beyond Bouncers Premiere

Magic Jump Rentals was featured in KTLA 5 Sunday morning news episode called Beyond Bouncers. Anchor Chris Burrous and reporter Olga Ospina talked with manager Arthur Bagumyan about the safety of inflatable bounce houses and the different varieties offered for party rentals.

Olga Ospina and Arthur Bagumyan mention some inflatable safety concers about operation and use. Arthur encourages parents to make sure they rent from a company that has safety rules, safety warnings near entrances, certifications for operation, and follow industry safety measures. Another concern is lead in the vinyl material. Some ways parents can make sure their kids are safe is to rent from a company that has newer inflatables. As inflatables age and get older, the lead within the vinyl coloring becomes more exposed to the surface making it higher in lead concentration, therefore, go with a company that has newer inflatables which are within the safety standards.

Some inflatables featured during the filming included the Bubble Ball, Sports Shootout, Basketball Inflatable, Inflatable Toddler Combo, Ultimate Boxing Ring, 32' Obstacle Course, Dolphin Jr. Wave water slide, and the Surfing Mechanical Ride.

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